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Stuart Cameron, MSW, RSW

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You may be realising that you are stuck and struggling to move forward with your life and goals. Difficult emotions and intrusive thoughts keep you feeling down and fearful.

You feel empty, unfulfilled, and exhausted. You keep returning to a state of feeling confused and flustered because you aren’t sure how to feel better, or maybe you’ve tried but found little success.

I can help.

By seeking therapy you are investing in yourself and your relationships. 

It can be difficult to seek professional help, but it is through endeavours such as therapy that we discover who we are, how to help ourselves, and what we can do to successfully move on with our lives and experience less suffering.

We can work together to handle painful feelings and thoughts more effectively, to reduce stress and worry, break self-defeating habits, move passed insecurity and self-doubt and to work towards living a more meaningful life.

Time on clock for therapy and counselling in St. Catharines

Your Time Is Valuable.

Therapy shouldn’t feel like another weekly obligation so I’ve made it easier than ever to get help.

I offer 24/7 online scheduling for in-person or online appointments, credit card payments, your own personal client portal, and the ability to do online therapy through a secure encrypted platform.


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anxiety counselling


You’re noticing that no matter what you do or how hard you try, you just can’t seem to relax anymore. A tightness in your chest and endless movements in your stomach have become the norm. Read more about therapy for anxiety.

depression young man


It feels like nothing can make you happy and the things that once brought you joy are too pointless to even engage in. You lie awake and are unable to sleep, feeling a sense of wrongness. Read more about therapy for depression.

Stress and burnout

Stress & Burnout

You’ve made many sacrafices to get your career or business to where it’s at today, but it came at a cost. You want to love what you do again and learn how to avoid burning out in the future. Read more about therapy for stress.

What Makes Me Different?


I provide full 60 minutes for appointments and keep 15 minute gaps between them, so you never feel rushed before or after.


My goal is to take an active role and help you see progress as soon as possible. The last thing you need is a passive head nodder.


The secure client portal allows for easy scheduling and billing 24/7. I'm also easily accessible via email for questions or clarification.


Most frequent questions and answers

The office is located in 195 King St Suite 103 St. Catharines, ON L2R 3J6. When entering from the front, the furthest bottom right office entrance. When entering in the back, it’s the closest bottom left office.

Appointments cost $125.00 including taxes. This is for the full 60 minutes. I do not do direct billing for insurance, however, receipts are emailed to you and these can be submitted to your provider. Many providers cover my services, but check to ensure they cover therapy services such as “Registered Social Worker”, “MSW”, “Psychotherapy”, “Counselling”, “Therapy”.

I currently only work 1-1 with ages 16+. I typically recommend that couples find someone trained in “Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy” or the “Gottman Method”.

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Sessions are scheduled for the full 60 minutes. Clients often experience a decrease in emotional distress within 3-4 sessions. More significant and longer lasting improvements are likely to occur after 8 or more sessions. Some clients see benefits in longer term therapy, particularly when dealing with sever anxiety, depression and other chronic issues.

Stuart Cameron Cameron Counselling

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live.”

Jean-Paul Sartre