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Stress Counselling in St. Catharines

Endless to-do lists and for every item you cross off two more show up. There’s a feeling of sinking lower and lower and you’re not sure how much longer you can endure it.

You did everything right in the beginning and you were so excited about your new job or starting your new business. You felt alive.

But somewhere, at some point, something shifted.

You started feeling stuck. Others around you warned you about burn out, but you didn’t know how to take a step back, or maybe you didn’t see the signs yourself.

Now it feels like you’re always behind. You started missing work, procrastinating, and giving up on some of your goals. You don’t get it, because all of this makes you even more stressed, anxious, or depressed.

You can’t let go of trying to be perfect. It’s gotten you this far, and it might be the only way you know how to do things.

Now, instead of feeling excited and grateful, you feel shame and self-judgement. It’s even affecting your sleep; you feel you need sleep aids, or you frequently wake up during the night, never feeling rested in the morning.

You’re ready to finally interrupt this cycle and get back to creating the life you’ve been trying to build for you and your family.

I can help.

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Niagara Counselling Services for Stress

When I work with clients who are professionals or entrepreneurs on the edge of burn out, it’s important to act fast.

The signs of burn out often appear far earlier than when we initially notice them.

It’s easy to dismiss stress and burn out, especially when you’re still succeeding in certain areas of your life. You think you just need to push through a little bit more then “everything will work itself out”.

We will go backwards at first, to try and figure out what happened and when it happened.

This will help to prevent it from happening again in the future.

From there, we’ll develop a plan that includes taking care of your career or business, but most importantly, this plan will include taking care of you.

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